Collection: Jocelyn Roberts - Artist in Residence

Painting is an obsession for Jocelyn Roberts. She once painted the same scene outside of her home every day for a year on the advice of her mentor as part of her focus on purposeful practice.

This dedication to her craft was evident at a young age when Jocelyn was given a book about drawing at 13 from her great-grandmother. She spent hours going through the book learning how to draw people and houses, constantly copying the images out of the book so she could learn a new technique.

Years later, this dedication remains with Jocelyn experiencing the elements from freezing cold water to nearly being pulled off a cliff by the wind so she can capture a moment in time.

Whether it’s still life or landscapes, Jocelyn’s paintings evoke strong emotions which come directly from the artist herself.

If you love depth and movement and want to be captivated by a piece of art for years to come, take a piece of Jocelyn’s brilliance home with you today. You can also see Jocelyn painting in the upstairs studio at the gallery most Friday’s and Saturdays as she is our artist in residence for 2023.