Collection: Dermod Ruddock

My paintings are inspired by light, colour, dramatic landscapes and the wonders of nature.

Encouraged by my mother and an inspirational art teacher at secondary school, I've enjoyed drawing and painting for most of my life. After a career in graphic design and primary school teaching, and many years painting part-time, with exhibitions all over the UK, I decided to turn all my energies to a career in painting about seven years ago. 

For me, lighting and colour are vital... it could be a storm over a Welsh bay… or vibrant siesta time on a Greek island… or deep shadows as evening falls over the Northern English mountains. My influences include impressionists, expressionists, colourists – greats such as Cezanne, Kandinsky, de Vlaminck, Matisse, Peploe and Diebenkorn – each helping my work to leap off the canvas.

Every painting, including commissioned work, captures a moment in time. Each is colourful, exuberant and bursting with life. They are extremely special and dearly loved by their owners…



"I loved this painting as soon as I first saw it, but find that I like it even more each day. The colours are so beautiful, and so uplifting that it really brings brightness to my day." 

"I'm going to hang this painting (Croatian Evening) in my bedroom so that I can wake up to a beautiful scene every day."

"It's stunning... We're going to have the chance to enjoy this painting all our lives!"